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Taymouth Castle will be a residential community carefully designed to exist in harmony with the surrounding countryside, communities, and local customs. 

The people who live here today – as well as those who wish to in the future – expect everything about this project to embrace environmental sustainability, expand economic opportunities, and honour Scottish access laws. 

We at Discovery Land Company (DLC) are fully committed to these goals and delivering a project that sustains – or improves – the quality of life in the region and is a source of pride for everyone who lives here.

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the vision

The current Taymouth Estate project involves a full historic restoration of the Taymouth Castle expected by Spring 2024, the construction of a new north wing, the full renovation of the existing golf course, and the construction of approximately 145 homes which will be developed in 6 phases.

This entire project is being designed to the strictest environmental standards, using the latest sustainable construction processes. The architects and engineers are leaving no stone unturned in an effort to identify, preserve, and protect listed buildings, heritage structures, and historic landscape elements, and develop with a low carbon mindset.

Like any project of this scale and complexity, from time to time, we may modify certain elements of the plan. When this occurs, we will seek permission from the local planning authorities and update this website.

Other properties, including the Kenmore Hotel, Taymouth Trading, and several additional buildings are also undergoing planning, construction or renovation.

public access

We are fully committed to the letter and spirit of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act of 2003 and the public’s right to roam.

Please find the existing core path plan here and the current construction related diversions here.

For fishing permits, please visit here.

about discovery land company

Since 1994, Discovery Land Company has been developing highly sought after residential communities. To date, we have completed 35 properties across North America, the Caribbean, and Europe.

In every community, environmental considerations are central to our planning and decision-making. Wherever possible, we locally source materials and resources, minimise our carbon footprint, and support the surrounding communities. 

Our communities have used innovative approaches to renewable energy, regenerative farming, wetland restoration, repopulating native plants, rainwater harvesting, and water preservation. Our animal sanctuary initiatives have supported populations of endangered sea turtles, honey bees, and many other threatened species.

We also have a deeply held sense of responsibility to local families and communities. Our projects support local nonprofits, youth groups, schools, apprenticeship programs, recreational sports and, in some cases, foster homes and healthcare. Our teams make every effort to employ local residents and support local businesses.


Our neighbours expect and deserve a clear understanding of a development of this scale in their backyard. Going forward, we intend to expand the information we share with the community through this website and other channels.

news and Updates

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