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Discovery Land Company has been engaged for renovation and operations for a group of properties that has been purchased by a US based investment group including John Paul DeJoria entrepreneur and philanthropist.

The properties were previously owned by the same individual and include the Kenmore Hotel, various holiday properties, and the beach at Kenmore. The historic Kenmore hotel will be restored and operated by Discovery Land Company.

It is our aim to invest in the refurbishment of the properties and community, many of which are listed buildings, and return them to permanent homes for  team members working on the Taymouth Castle estate.

The properties have been purchased to ensure we have enough accommodations for the many staff who will be recruited to work on the estate, both local and regional. We will be posting jobs on this website and welcome applications from the local community to join our team.

The beach at Kenmore is a much-valued local destination enjoyed by many. As stewards of this tranquil space, we will work to ensure it remains a safe and beautiful place to visit with regular beach cleans and ongoing maintenance planned.

Discovery Land

Discovery Land Company, a premier US-based luxury residential real estate developer, is the castle’s owner and developer tasked with returning Taymouth estate to its former glory.


Taymouth Castle is situated in the village of Kenmore surrounded by 450 acres of park and woodlands stretching to the south bank of the River Tay.

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