Published: 12/10/2022

As part of an ongoing drive to support and give back to the community in Kenmore, Taymouth Castle has been actively supporting the rebuilding of the replica Iron Age Crannog which burned down last year.  

Now that plans to redevelop and relocate the Scottish Crannog Centre have won Perth and Kinross Council’s approval, Taymouth Castle is ecstatic to contribute to the iconic landmark’s restoration. 

Taymouth Castle is donating essential locally sourced materials, including 50 tons of stone, approximately 3500 square meters of turf, which makes about the area of half a football pitch, as well as timber, bracken, and coppicing — all sourced from across the Taymouth estate. We are proud to be the main contributor of stone and turf for this beloved communal project.  

what is happening and when?

The Crannog Centre team has already visited to look over our stone and turf contributions, and the stone mason is due to review and sort the stone further. The materials will be stored at the Castle’s facilities until needed by the Crannog team. 

We are looking to see what specific timber requirements we can meet and if we can also collaborate with coppicing hazel trees across the estate. Plans are in place to buy half a dozen hazel hurdles from local craftsmen as part of this project. 


The Crannog has said that the donation of these materials will have a great impact on the project and be a huge help to them moving forward. Sourcing these materials was key for the timeline of the rebuild, and critical to their ethos of keeping resources local: reflecting the building practices of the iron age, in which everything was taken within reachable distance of the village.